What Is Mother-Daughter Coaching?
One of several mother-daughter coaching strategies I employ is based on The Mother-Daughter Attachment® Model developed by Rosjke Hasseldine. This model provides a way to understand the complicated dynamics between mothers and daughters, and offers a roadmap for healing and strengthening the relationship. Coaching can help mothers and daughters grow closer and improve their relationships by improving communication and understanding.

Mother-Daughter History Mapping is the main diagnostic exercise in the Mother-Daughter Attachment® Model. This exercise empowers women to understand their life, their mother's and grandmother's lives, with a specific focus on whether the women in their generational family are heard or silenced, emotionally supported or neglected, and how sexist beliefs and limiting gender roles reduce women's power and choice.

The diagnostic exercise begins with each woman mapping out her own life, her mother's life, and her grandmother's life. This gives each woman a chance to reflect on her own life and the patterns she has observed in her mother's and grandmother's lives. The purpose of this exercise is to identify answers and solutions to issues relating to mother-daughter relationships, the silence and neglect that women have historically experienced, their emotional challenges, and their reluctance to speak up for themselves in other relationships and the workplace.

Making connections between your own life and the emotional realities of the important women in your family gives you the power to better understand your relationship with yourself through that of your mother.

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