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Hi hunny! I'm Neffeteria

If you're struggling to navigate a complicated mother-daughter relationship, you're not alone. As an Accredited Life Coach and Mother-Daughter coach specializing in this area, I understand the unique challenges and emotional baggage that can come with this bond. But I didn't start out as an expert - I struggled with my own relationship with my mother for years. As a result, I'm dedicated to helping other women heal and grow. 

Through my journey of self-discovery and education, I've gone through various certification trainings and continuing education trainings in both life coaching and mother-daughter relationships. I'm passionate about empowering women to break free from negative patterns and build fulfilling relationships with their mothers or daughters. 

Whether you're a woman who wants to heal from your mother-daughter heartaches or a mother or daughter seeking to improve your relationship, I'm here to support you. Together, we'll work towards healing and growth in a safe and confidential space. 

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 Love from Clients