Ready to Evolve into the woman 
you're meant to be?

Welcome to EVOLVE, the transformative journey specifically designed to empower women to release emotional baggage from unhealthy mother-daughter relationships and become your best-self. Led by me, an experienced Mother-Daughter Coach, this journey helps women heal from past or current wounds, take control of their lives, and move forward with confidence and strength. 

My proven process includes milestones toward healing and strengthening your mother-daughter relationship. Each milestone represents a significant stage in your journey toward achieving a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with your mother. You will gain valuable insights into yourself, the effects of your relationship with your mother and learn practical strategies to manage your emotions, set healthy boundaries, and communicate effectively.

Through the EVOLVE journey, you will become a strong and independent woman, capable of creating your own happiness and forging healthy relationships, even without a supportive mother figure. Let me help you unlock your full potential and transform your life. Join me on this healing and empowering journey.
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Evolve Coaching Journey 

12 One-on-one coaching sessions with a Jay Shetty certified life coach

Access to a private portal customized for you.

 Private messaging within your private portal to communicate directly with Coach Neffeteria

Private Victories Corner Discussion Board, where we celebrate your progress. 

Access to an online community of supportive and like-minded women

A personalized plan of action to help you overcome emotional obstacles and achieve your goals

 Tools and resources to help you cultivate self-love and develop healthy relationships

 Access to Evolving Conversations Monthly Call

Are you ready to...

✓ No longer feel weighed down by past burdens and hurts

✓ Take control of your life and break free from the cycle of toxic relationships

Release negative emotions and develop a deep sense of self-worth and confidence

✓ Cultivate healthy relationships and move towards a more positive, loving, and fulfilling life

✓ Join a community of strong and resilient women who support and uplift!

✓ Heal, Grow, and become Empowered.

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